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Splatoon 2 is Nintendo’s latest and freshest multiplayer game where inklings and octolings fight for turf using art-inspired weapons— it’s super fun to play and even more fun to watch! I’m proud to be part of a esports community is as friendly and inclusive as it gets! 🦑✨

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As part of my Twitch stream series and as a member of the Splatoon community, I worked on a bunch of various jawns to help players improve their game and style!

Design System 🎨

I designed a digital graphics package and design system for my Twitch stream, and additional graphics for future Splatoon-related events such as tournaments and meetups! Here is just a sample of the assets I use in my jawns:

Channel introduction:


Game mode icons:

game modes

Game modes, explained:


Streamlabs alerts:

streamlabs assets

Banner system for HRG esports:


PS the game mode icons have been made into stickers!!


Current Stages Overlay 🏙

I worked on an overlay for OBS that displays the current stages and modes. You can find it online at pixelyunicorn.github.io/splat-overlay. Feel free to embed this page into your streams!

Screenshot of OBS with a web page overlay

Philips Hue integration 💡

At the beginning of each match, each team is randomly assigned a color. Using the power of OpenCV, I tossed together a python script that detects your team’s color and changes the ambient lighting of the room to match that color!

TODO: Create a GIF of this in action!

Mixer Overlay 🍿

I am currently experimenting with Mixer’s overlay system and building an interactive overlay that allows viewers to see live results (seconds before they appear on screen), and view previous matches. This will be the subject of a future talk at a Vue or Tech x Gaming meetup near you!

Splat Tourneys 🎮

I have participated in these tournaments:

  • Smash ‘N’ Splash (Madison Wisconsin WI)
  • Beakon (Deer Park NY)
  • Long Island Splat (Deer Park NY)
  • Splatboro (Hatboro PA)
  • Landfall (Hollywood FL)
  • LUTI (online)
  • Sunday Morning Coffee (online)

About Melody

Photo of Melody!

Melody is a web developer, designer, and community event organizer based in Philly. You can find them on Twitter at @pixelyunicorn .

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