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As part of Bitcamp’s Design compeition, I designed a couple of user interfaces, icons, and art (including for this website) in a series of overnight challenges. This page showcases just a few of the cool things I worked on!

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Building with Purpose

“Building with purpose” means bringing our unique skills to the table and working together as a team with to achieve a common goal! 🙌

So I illustrated our (s)elves building a cool website together!! This is actually a somewhat accurate representation of what goes on in my brain when I make websites!

This illustration is now used in my Intro to Jekyll guide!

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colorwar submission

Brighten: Improve your mood in 2 minutes!

Prompt: Design an experience for an app to help you with your mood.

I designed an app that improves your mood with just 2 minutes, with the help of exercises, videos, and mini-games created by experts and suggested by artificial intellegence. (Why 2 minutes? Many users don’t see taking 2 minutes out of the day as much of a time commitment!)

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Treetop: Connecting kids in military families

Prompt: Design a low or high fidelity prototype to connect kids in military families who move around a lot.

This one was designed specifically for kids to connect with other kids… “in military families who move around a lot.” This app comes with a design that is kid-friendly, featuring colorful graphics, round corners, and large text. Features such as filtered chat and in-app games help keep kids engaged with each other. Additionally, there is a maps feature that displays countries where friends are currently located, which can be used as great conversation starters!

Keeping in mind privacy and laws restricting the use of personally identifiable information from minors under 13, each kid only has their first name and last initial stored, with accounts that can be managed directly by parents.

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BitPay: Bitcoin made easy

I worked with a team who had an idea of making bitcoin as seamless as Venmo, and as frictionless as cash. It even comes complete with the social aspect — each transaction allows you to attach a location for additional context.

The rest of my left Bitcamp on Friday night never to seen again, and the only thing that got built was this protoype I spent hours working on. (Maybe it counts as an attempt to democratize financial services? Who knows!)

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Additional credits: thank you to the people who run Bitcamp!

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Melody is a web developer, designer, and community event organizer based in Philly. You can find them on Twitter at @pixelyunicorn .

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